6-Week Body Transformation

Getting Started on Your Journey to Health and Fitness

Congratulations on enrolling in your own personalized 6-Week Body Transformation! There are several things you need to do and read before you start. These are listed below, and include submitting the Signature Form to trainer Brenda Hornsby. Expectations for your accountability for successful progression through the transformation also are below. So read on!

Bookmark this page! You will return here weekly to log-in  (link at bottom) to access videos with the password Brenda provides.

Meet Your Goals

Each transformation will begin on Wednesday.  If you sign up on Thursday you will begin the following Wednesday. Each Wednesday you will meet via video chat for approximately 15 min with Brenda Hornsby, your personal trainer. Instructions on nutrition, weigh-ins, measurements and any questions you may have will be discussed during that time. Brenda also will give you the password for the weekly videos.

Once you have signed up for the body transformation please know it could take up to 48 hours to hear from your trainer.  So if you sign up on a Tuesday your start date would NOT be the following day, but Wednesday a week later. Not a reason to put it off because you will be contacted and will have instructions on nutrition that you will need to prep for for your transformation.

What You Will Need

You will need a tape measure, digital scale for weigh-in, dumbbells and steady chair for the workouts. A stability ball (for core work) is optional since those exercises can be done on the floor as well. Each Tuesday you will go to the NitoXFitness Facebook page and look for a keyword, for example “amazing.” On Wednesday morning you will then write the keyword on a piece of paper, place it in front of your scale, weigh yourself, and take a picture of your weight. Brenda should be able to see your legs, feet, weight and keyword. You will submit your weight before your appointment time each week. This is how your weight-in photos should look:

Taking Photos

You also will need to take before and after pics. When taking these pics,  find a blank wall to take 3 pictures. You’ll need a camera helper for these. Your trainer will need a full frontal shot. Then turn to one side for a full side shot. Then turn towards the wall and take a full back shot. Your hands should be by your side.

Women should wear spandex and a tight fitted tank top. Please put long hair up. Men should wear gym shorts; shirt is optional. If you decide to wear a shirt, it needs to be tight fitted.  We want to see your results!

To see an example of the proper way to take photos, please view  Krystal Lanier’s photos  on the Before & Afters page.

Videos for Quality Results

Each week of your 6-Week Body Transformation, you will be responsible for completing 3 30-minute workouts. The videos below will guide you on a weekly basis. You will receive a password from trainer Brenda Hornsby for each week’s videos. Once you start each video workout, you will have a 48-hour window to complete it. After that, it is no longer available to you.

The videos are sequenced to help you achieve quality results. This is part of your accountability to gain the best results. So there is no benefit to jumping ahead, and a lot to miss by lagging behind! 

Please note that when you view the first video, you will be asked to sign in. Please use the username and password you have established for this site. After the first “rental,” you will automatically be logged in.

Before you get started, please download and sign this important Signature Form and email to trainer Brenda Hornsby.

Body Transformation Videos

Week 1

  • Benchmark 1
  • Full Body Strength Training
  • Cardio and Abs


View Week 1 Videos

Week 2

  • Full Body Strength Training
  • Cardio/Strength Combined
  • Full Body Strength on Stability Ball


View Week 2 Videos

Week 3

  • Tabata Style Full Body Strength Training
  • Cardio/Ab Blast
  • Benchmark 2

View Week 3 Videos

Week 4

  • Strength, Cardio, Abs
  • Freaky Fifty Fun
  • Double Trouble Full Body Blast


View Week 4 Videos

Week 5

  • Full Body Strength with Cardio Blast
  • Tabata Style Full Body Strength Training
  • Double Trouble Tabata Style


View Week 5 Videos

Week 6

  • Full Body Strength Training
  • Full Body Blast with Weights and Chair
  • Benchmark 3


View Week 6 Videos