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Do you need a personal trainer? Are you interested in getting fit in a way that agrees with your schedule? Do you simply want to work out on your own? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then we are the fitness haven for you! We are proud to offer a wide variety of fitness services to our customers. From a members-only private Facebook group to a 6-Week Body Transformation, our online personal training gives you access to tips, videos, and our personal trainer’s expertise to help you to reach your fitness goals. We invite you to start your fitness journey with us today!

6-Week Body Transformation

You’ll Be On Your Way in No Time!

Are you just beginning your workout regime? Do you want a jumpstart to fitness with online scheduling that meets your needs and timing? Our 6-Week Body Transformation is for you! In addition to weekly online sessions with trainer Brenda Hornsby, you’ll stream 3 30-minute videos weekly to guide your workouts! The video above is a sampling of weekly workouts.


Online Membership Access to Videos, Tips & Advice

Strengthen, Tone, and Improve Everything!

We offer Nitro-X Fitness Memberships on a variety of levels. You are sure to find one that suits you! Our members enjoy access to a private Facebook community where Brenda shares advice, nutrition tips, and suggestions to help you get and stay fit. As part of the private Facebook community, members also have access to a daily written workout Monday through Saturday.

Members also have access to 50 of the best online exercise tutorial videos, anytime, from personal trainer Brenda Hornsby. And members enjoy the opportunity to schedule one-on-one online sessions with Brenda to discuss personal goals and progress. So go ahead! Enroll now!

Exercise Videos

Fitness Tips

Nutrition Help

Nutrition Coaching

Happy with your training but interested in upping your game with proper nutrition? Brenda Hornsby offers you the option for a customized nutrition plan and weekly video chat to update your progress, answer questions and provide tips and encouragement. 

One-on-One Training

The ultimate in online, personalized training! You’ll receive a customized workout plan, customized nutrition plan and two 30-minute live workout sessions via video chat each week with Brenda. You’ll also enjoy access to online video exercise tutorials to help you with your workouts.

Try Us Out!

$ 34.956-week membership

  • Private Facebook community
  • Access to online exercise tutorials
  • Private Facebook access to trainer


Gold Membership

$ 24.95/month6-month membership required, $149.70 due at sign-up

  • Private Facebook community
  • Access to online exercise tutorials
  • Private access to the trainer with a 24-hour response window
  • 20% discount on all online services

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Group Plans

$ 60/month6-month membership required and due at sign-up

  • Private Facebook community for your group only!
  • Access to online exercise tutorials
  • Private access to the trainer with a 24-hour response window
  • Choose your group size!
  • Groups should designate a leader, who will enroll in the membership and coordinate the group.
  • 5 members – $360 due at sign-up ($12/person/month)

enroll group of 5 now

  • 10 members – $600 due at sign-up ($10/person/month)

enroll group of 10 now

  • 15 members – $720 due at sign-up ($6/person/month)

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Body Transformation


Perfect when you can’t get to the gym!

  • Individual assessment and plan
  • 3 30-minute workout videos each week
  • Individual accountability for streaming videos and charting progress
  • Weekly video chat with the trainer to discuss nutrition, weigh-ins, measurements, and questions 
  • Non-cancellable, non-refundable
  • 6-week duration


One-on-One Training


A powerful monthly membership with topnotch  personal training

  • Customized workout plan
  • Customized nutrition plan
  • 2 30-minute video sessions weekly with trainer
  • Monthly membership


Nutrition Coaching


Ramp up your existing training with this monthly membership.

    • Customized nutrition plan
    • Weekly chat with trainer
    • Monthly membership


6-Week Body Transformation Gift Certificate

Perfect for that special someone!

  • Purchase online
  • Receive a gift certificate by email
  • Print or forward to your recipient