Welcome to You and Your Fitness Group!

Thank you for your group membership in Nitro-X Fitness, where you receive topnotch online personal training when and where it’s convenient for you! Your group membership entitles you and other group members to anytime access to 50 exercise tutorial videos. Even better, you’ll join a private Facebook community where trainer Brenda Hornsby provides daily tips and suggestions.

As the group leader, you can add up to 14 more group members to the membership. Start by signing in to your user account with your username and password you provided at signup. You also will receive an email with this information.

On your Account page > Subscriptions, you will see a link option called “Sub Accounts.” Clicking on that link displays the Email,  First Name and Last Name for you and for your sub accounts.

To add group members, click on the Add Sub Account button and provide the following information for each group member:


First Name

Last Name

Click on the box below these entries to send a welcome email to each member/sub account.

Should you experience any problems with setting up your group, please email Brenda Hornsby.

Thank you again for enrolling in a Nitro-X Fitness online group membership. As the group leader, get started NOW by “liking” the Nitro-X Fitness Facebook page (button below). You also may use the Exercise Tutorials button to immediately access available exercise videos.


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